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Healthy Living, Inc. partners with client organizations to provide nutrition education and healthy cooking outreach programs. 


These programs vary from hands-on and demo-style activities, to customized programs based on the audience or specific goals of the participants or partner organizations.


Some examples include:

Summer camps

  • Youth Development programs
  • WIC recipient education programs
  • Shelter programs
  • Health fairs
  • Lecture


Our constituents and clients:

  • Acquire a sense of social responsibility in the promotion of healthy eating practices for their friends, family members and greater communities

  • Become ambassadors of health in their own communities

  • Can tell the difference between whole and processed grains

  • Choose water over soft drinks

  • Combine different natural spices to a dish to increase flavor while maintaining a healthy balanced meal

  • Comprehend cultural history of culinary traditions and apply to their eating patterns

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the connection between health and nutrition

  • Discover that exploring new foods can be fun

  • Develop life-long relationships with caring educators and community members who  are personally committed to their progress towards health and wellness

  • Eat, shop and cook with more seasonal fruit and vegetables; less starch

  • Families cook together, applying acquired basic cooking skills

  • Gain a safe learning space for socio-emotional development

  • Know where Farmer’s Markets are located in their community

  • Lose weight

  • Make meals without red meat and still enjoy them

  • Make their own salad dressing

  • No longer cook with grease, lard and excess fats

  • Read labels

  • Learn the importance of healthy fats from both plant and animals

  • Young children teach their parents both culinary techniques and methods for cooking fruits and vegetables such as butternut squash or eggplant that might have previously been unfamiliar territory

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