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Cooking Classes 

While the emphasis of all our cooking approach is on plant-based cookery, animal products might be used in certain classes. Topics include basic menu planning, kitchen set-up, cutting skills, prepping and cooking. A variety of cuisines are taught, including vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotics, and natural foods cookery adapted to various levels of competency. Classes include nutrition principles, both from western and eastern traditions.

See the "Classes & Events" tab for current public offerings!

Private Cooking Classes

Energetic Foods 

Using the macrobiotic principles of yin and yang, you will learn in this class an understanding of energetic quality underlying all foods, and how their preparation and cooking can contribute to our well-being in profound ways.

Private Cooking Classes

We offer on-site private cooking classes for individuals or groups, customized to your needs. Specialty diets include: vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotics, Indian, natural foods cookery. Contact us for information at


Wellness workshops open to the whole community delve into the following topics:

Nutrition – both western and eastern

Mindful eating

Yoga and wellness

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