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Adult Shelter Programs
Youth Development


Path to Wellness for Special Needs Populations: Specifically designed for individuals experiencing homelessness, this program focuses on teaching participants how small and affordable changes can have big impact in their health. It serves as a forum for participants to explore food choices, partake in food and nutrition discussions, and explore individuals food choices, discuss the issues facing eating healthy in shelter settings, learn ways to integrate healthy eating into one’s lives with limited resources, and acquire basic cooking skills.


IN-SCHOOL and OUT OF SCHOOL TIME PROGRAMS provide school-aged children and youth enriching learning experiences that focus on various nutritional and health topics correlating with a healthy dish that participants prepare under the guidance of supporting educators.


With a strong emphasis placed upon the Advancing Youth Development methodology, developmental outcomes are actualized by students through a variety of wellness-based activities and learning components.


This program embraces and strengthens both family values and health as it increases children and families basic knowledge of nutrition and cooking skills. A meal is planned, prepared and shared by the whole group. For the purpose of the program, “family” is defined as any structure that embraces several individuals who live and/or co-exist together. Hence, members of a community are part of the family community.


Children gain the awareness that even at a young age, what they eat can have an impact on their health; and adults learn that even at a later age, it is never too late to take steps to improve ones’ health.  


Class includes both nutrition education and a hands-on meal preparation component. 

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